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Mandate of RBN


Section 5 of the Act comprehensively enumerates the functions, duties and powers of the board


a. Strategic

  • To establish RBN as a competent funding agency for road maintenance
  • To improve service delivery through planned maintenance management process
  • To progressively generate the fund commensurate to demand
  • To ensure reduced Vehicle Operating Cost (VOC) and travel time
  • To demonstrate excellence in fund management
  • To support RAS for better implementation of RBN programs
  • To introduce control measures for enhanced management practice by timely planning, implementing and reporting activities of the RAS


b. Operational

  • To improvise efficiencies in terms of partnership with RAa
  • To improve data registry system at the RAs and RBN
  • To establish business planning and rolling planning of RBN activities
  • To establish an efficient corporate culture environment in RBN Secretariat
  • To create awareness among the stakeholders about the need of road maintenance
  • To play pivotal role in delivering services towards road transport sector and meet the expectancy of the road users by efficient service delivery


c. Functions

  • To cause to carry out repair and maintenance of the road
  • To formulate integrated annual plan for repair and maintenance of the road
  • To provide funds to the road related agency for repair and maintenance of the road
  • To approve annual budget and program of the board
  • To recommend Government of Nepal on the matters of fixation of the road toll or fuel levy to be collected under the Act, additional charges and fines to be collected for plying the motor vehicle contravening to the specified standards

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